About EightAccessCrypto

Eight access crypto trade is an organization founded by in 2014. The group was founded with a vision of becoming a trustworthy place for beginners and advanced traders in the cryptocurrency markets. The cryptocurrency markets can be an overwhelming place with masses of misinformation. The group of Eight aims to become a beacon of knowledge and prosperity in the midst of this information chaos. The co-founders joined his journey in 2017, helping to build the platform in accordance with the highest quality standards.

The mission of the group is to provide the highest quality services to our clients while participating in the cryptocurrency markets. Compounding your profits and interest is the first part of the journey.

Values: Our principles

1. Integrity

The core principle of the group is integrity. Integrity is built upon consistency, honesty, responsibility, and transparency. Therefore, the team will always be available to assist you with any issues within the cryptocurrency markets. During periods of market volatility, the team will be constantly present at your side; and in periods of calm, the team will be building the content further, fully prepared for the next wave of volatility.

2. Transparency

The markets often resemble a wild west of information in which tons of opinions are shared across numerous social media platforms. To best help navigate this complex and chaotic environment, our team is open for any input from our clients. The more input our members bring, the better the environment and the platform will become and the more your journey will improve.

3. Simplicity

The cryptocurrency markets often appear as a complex and chaotic world with a staggering amount of content, much of which is hard to digest.The team’s second principle is to develop and provide high-quality content which everyone can understand, bringing order to chaos.

4. Quality

Our team’s goal is to provide our members with the highest quality content. Without quality content, the knowledge required to navigate at an optimal pace through the market is hard and expensive to come by.

5. Analytical

The highest quality cannot be delivered without an analytical and critical attitude towards all the information provided by the markets. Deep dives into projects, fundamental reports, and on-chain analysis should always be carried out with a critical and analytical perspective to achieve high-level and unbiased content.

6. Teamwork

Delivering the best quality alone is hard. For that reason our diverse team of specialists, each with their own areas of expertise, work together to provide the platform with a high level of quality and value

7. Passion

Passion is the cornerstone of greatness. All of our team members are committed to and passionate about cryptocurrency markets and have a positive outlook on the future of the blockchain and cryptocurrency spheres.

8. Playful

The team is working day and night to deliver the best value to our clients. We believe our work in the cryptocurrency markets and on the platform is best done in a playful manner. Therefore, nothing is done without a smile.

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